KING KELTIC preparing the longboats!

Hail friends – as you may or may not know KING KELTIC is the “Celtic Rock” band of founder John (a.k.a. minstrel of Lonely Mountain Band, a.k.a. Galenhir, a.k.a. yours truly).  Anyway – wanted to let you know that KING KELTIC has begun blowing the raiding horns and has issued the word to prepared the longboats.  KING KELTIC has started a new Soundcloud page with free downloads here:


If you are the New York area this March – be sure to join us at a live show as there may be a LMB song or two played live as well!

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2013 & Beyond…

Hail friends – KING KELTIC is writing and rehearsing for recording & live dates in 2013 & beyond…  We had a great string of shows in March 2013.  Here is a live room recording of one of our rock songs: “The Battle of Ballylochlan”

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Half Way to St. Patrick’s Day

It’s that time of year again,
when the Summer days begin to wane.
The minstrel’s tunes in Autumn play,
Halfway the year to Saint Patrick’s Day!
Join the party with Keltic King,
Pipes are braying, bards will sing
A winter bird is on the wing.
But hail for now with magic ale
Let not your hearts begin to fail,
Let the songs begin for Autumn’s play,
Halfway the year to Saint Patrick’s Day!

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St. Patrick’s Day

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New Website & Rehearsals have begun!

Hail friends!  Welcome to the new website!  Checkout the EPIK artwork by Ken Kelly & David DelaGardelle!
We have had a couple of rehearsals in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day 2012.  It’s coming together nicely and I must say, the energy is propelling KING KELTIC at breakneck speed.  Listen in to a recent run-through of Old Spring/Whiskey in the Jar.  This was recorded in our secret subterranean armoury- and is raw rehearsal audio.

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